Convert Obj to Solidworks

Hello all,
Im working on a project that will help an army veteran (who is paralysis from the waist down).We made a 3D scan of the saddle, and i wish to work and make changes on the model. Im looking for a program that could make it to part i could work with on Solidworks.I saw a program called "Geomagic", but we are doing this project volunteering, so we are looking for a free software.
Really looking for your asstistents.

2 Answers

Converting an OBJ (mesh model) to a SOLIDWORKS model is possible, but there are different outcomes:
1. A SW model made up of hundreds (or thousands) of triangular facets from the mesh model.
2. A SW model made up of nurbs surfaces, but a very un-optimized topography.
3. A fully parametric/editable SW model.
Each of those takes significantly longer to create (1 being pretty quick, 3 taking much longer). I have a tutorial you might want to review: Convert STL (or OBJ) Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)

As trinityscsp mentioned, this is a pretty complex model. Even with Geometric Design X, this project could take a few days to remodel.
As a first step, I'd simplify the geometry by deleting an unneeded parts (like the sheep's wool texture on the underside).

What is the end goal for having a SOLIDWORKS model?
What version(s) of SW should be used for the project?

A quick rendering is attached if anyone wants to see the project, but can't/don't want to check the OBJ file.

Is this good enough ?