Convert Solidworks to Autocad

Need help for converting solidworks project to autocad (dont have solidworks for convert)
Team Losi Micro-T RC Truck (Andrew Guscott's project)
I only need MotorMountV2



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OK, 2D format of the right view attached.
It was much easier when Autocad was only 2D. Now when someone wants an "autocad file" there is no telling what they want :)

Don't forget to go back and like the model. People appreciate that.

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Autocad 2D, or Autocad 3D?
I've attached a step file which is 3D and should be able to import, but if you meant a DXF/DWG, It will need to be resaved, and the fillets should most likely be removed first.

Let me/us know.

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