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convert stp. to dwg.

By Jason Callis on 27 Jun 15:37 6 answers 51429 views 3 comments

can you help me put a stp. file into autocad 2011

6 answers

  • Alan Baird
    Alan Baird over 4 years ago

    Hi Jason
    I am uncertain which platform you are working with, but Autocad have a free software called Inventor Fusion, which converts .stp files to .dwg files.
    The link to the page is I have never tried it but at least you have a lead.
    Kind Regards
    Alan Baird

  • citravis
    citravis over 4 years ago

    What kind of type you are using software in autocad open file > import > choose .stp file after that save file in autocad.dwg

  • sergio abrami
    sergio abrami almost 4 years ago

    I use Rhino as a "translator".
    Rhino for me is priceless for its versatility and simplicity of the controls as terminology borrowed from Autocad.

  • Sina VG
    Sina VG over 3 years ago

    you can easily type import in the view port and after selecting .stp (STEP) format you can select the object ...
    Or use The Inventor Fusion ,open .stp file and save it as .dwg

    both of them works fine ;)

  • Desmond Enslin
    Desmond Enslin about 1 year ago

    Do the following

    1. open a new dwg.
    2. Go to the insert tab and select ACIS.
    3. Select stp file in the location saved and it will insert the model into the dwg.
    4. Save file.

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