corrupted DWG autocad file

When saving my .dwg file from Autocad 2010 with the point of exporting to Autocad 2013: "Dwg becomes corrupted and it can't be opened in AutoCad."

File is becoming corrupted as well during exporting with it.

Anyone knows what's happening?

Best Regards folks!

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2 Answers

I found this website from the Google searches and not much aware about it, but seems like that it can help you to:

Also you can get more information about software to recover .dwg file from this article:

It will briefly tell which one will do what task and how well and explain how to use DWG Repair Toolbox

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have you cleaned up the drawing?

before exporting, type in the command line the following (note the spaces):
(to check for errors:) audit y
(save it as a new file and purge all unnecessary layers, etc.) -wblock * n

now open the new file and save to the autocad version you require...
hope this helps :)

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