Cost of GrabCAD challenge

The challenges page refers to the cost of a challenge being between 4000 and 10000USD, but the prizes for the challenges are nowhere near this. How so? Typo?

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2 Answers

We are working hard to raise the prises for the challenges. We want the price to be aligned with GrabCAD fee. We usually take from 30-50% from the fee and in order to raise the prices we raised our fees as well.

We actually do a lot of work to make the challenge successful and our costs are following:

* find the challenges (we still do a lot of calls and e-mails to find challenge partners).
* write challenge copy together with a partner
* respond day-to-day questions and comments
* help partner to choose the winner
* maintain the platform of
* take the risk if customer is not happy with the results (we always pay the winners even if partner does not pay us)
* we always but our own prize out as well
* take care of the payment for all winners

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Shouldn't GrabCAD have some profit out of this? Maybe that is the reason why there is a gap between the challenge cost and the prizes.

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