Could someone convert a .stl file to a workable .ipt for me?

I am a student working on a project, and I know Autodesk has a product which allows conversion from .stl to a functional .ipt, but I cannot download it at school, and I do not have an adequate computer at home to get the program.
Using just Inventor 2015, I managed to convert the file into a .ipt, but it did not function like a solid in Inventor. I could not select faces, project geometry, or subtract it from another part in assembly. So I'm basically just begging for help. Please and thank you.

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3 Answers

I can't export an IPT, but try these.
Have you looked for another model to start with other than this STL file? Manufacturers often release data like this on their website for people building cases and other accessories.

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get the free MESH ENABLER program and inventor will do this.

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The MESH enabler is what I was talking about in the original post. I would go with that.
I'm about to try those other files. Thank you very much!

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