Create a picking mechanism in CATIA V5.

I want to create a mechanism in CATIA V5 which picks up a glass from floor and puts in somewhere else. It's very easy to do so in SolidWorks, but it CATIA, no idea.
So please help me out.
Attached are the files I want to use.

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Ive checked your model but actualy i couldnt get what kind of help do you need in catia. If you need assistance about building mechanism for providing functionality then i think you need a mechanical help. Suggestion list would be extended by many things like linear guides,step motors, rails etc ... Actualy there should be many engineer in grabcad which have better mechanical skills then me :) But if you have all plan in your mind and have problems to adept them to catia then let me know. For example as you said its easy in solidworks, i understand that you had success in SW but not familiar with CATIA. If so let us know them. You can easily adept all features of SW to CATIA too. And i can help as i have free time.

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