create a sphere with rings in solidworks

I Want create a sphere with rings in solidworks sheet metal and it should be convert into flatten. Is that possible in solidworks? Please replay fast..

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Spherical and other complex surface shapes will not be flatten-able in Solidworks sheet metal. That particular feature set is tailored to formed sheet metal parts that don't have complex surfaces and are typically punched out in the flat and formed on a press brakes. It can also be a useful tool for doing cardboard box designs or other 'origami-like' parts as well.

The part you wish to do has curvature in multiple directions and therefore is unsuitable for 'sheet metal' flattening. You can probably construct it with 'sheet metal' features but it won't be flatten-able.

There is a 'surface-flatten' feature in SW2016 and greater that is more suited to determining what the flat pattern of a complex surface will be, but I've never needed to use it so hopefully someone else will be able to help you with that feature.

Cool part, though, looks like fun to model. Good luck!

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I regret to disagree with you Robert Hoyt, but if possible, since you need to send the file to laser cut, if you create the sphere divide it into 4 sections, and you use one as a template, you can get the file dwg or dxf in flat of that piece Curved by means of the flatten option of surfaces, or you can do the calculation of the curve and create the piece in flat sheet metal and use the flex operation, and adjust the radius of the curve, and there are still more options, everything depends on using The imagination, but it is possible to make it friend. But remember to do it in 4 sections, and a single sketch will serve you for the whole model

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You will need to use a polyhedron that contains only polygons whose circle can be inscribed. You will also need to consider a polyhedron that is compatible with a defined number of faces. I warn you that the alveoli of a golf ball are not evenly distributed on the spherical surface.

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Of course, but you would have to do it in 4 sections, use laser cutting preferably and then roll it and use preferably TIG welding, and weld with welding fusion process, without filler material.

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Thank You Angel Ramirez for your response.
I tried to make sphere with ring and it can be flatten. But the ring pattern does not cover through out the sphere like the attached image.

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