Creating a circular pattern around a cylinder/curved surface with a detailed sketch makes the application hang up?

I'm having a bit of a problem.
What I plan to do is create a circular pattern of the snowflakes on the glass, specifically 4 instances. The problem is, my pc can't seem to handle it. SW becomes unresponsive. I tried waiting but it takes too long. I did other models before with more detailed sketches but this one seems to be a problem for my computer. I'm not really sure. If someone could just do the pattern for me and upload it it would be a great relief.

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2 Answers

Oh. Nevermind. It seems I just have to wait for a really really long time (roughly 3 hours).

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create a plane parallel to front plane and copy the sketch to this, then create a linear pattern of the sketch ( make sure you do not exceed the circumference of the glass, then wrap this new sketch

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