Creating a machine model that is able to be manipulated via an excel file.

Short Version: I am trying to create a model of a large machine that can be manipulated with data in an excel file.

Long Version:
I am working in a machine shop with some very large machines. These machines often go out of calibration, but some of the workers on the shop floor don't understand how these errors throw off the machine. I am able to get an excel file exported from a laser system that helps us calibrate the machine (comp the machine). These machines have quite a few axis' and errors occur on each axis. I would like to model the entire machine in Solidworks and then feed this excel file into it to show how to machine has misaligned.

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2 Answers

You can drive model geometry with an excel file by inserting it as a 'design table' and linking model dimensions to values in the table.

The key thing to making it work is formatting the table correctly.

See "Inserting an External File as a Design Table" in solidworks for the details, your situation sounds like it should be fairly straightforward.

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Thank you for your help. Looking into it now,

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