Creation of Diamond Grips on a Compund Surface - Any Thoughts?

I started adding a diamond grip pattern to this model some time ago, but never continued because it got really boring to follow the same, long procedure over and over again to create each diamond.
As it is a compound surface, I could not think of a better way to create the desired texture. On a flat or curved surface, patterns could speed the process along.

Maybe you have some thoughts or examples that work better?

The SolidWorks model is last saved in SW2016

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2 Answers

Only 2 polygonal surfaces are needed to model this texture! See the very quick procedure in my Grabcad model, the SW 2016 file is attached here too.
Jumping from one surface to another
Corrected files and...that's it.

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not really :)
it is a easier way in solidworks, I will upload a file after this weekend when I hope to have access to my workstation...

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