CSWP example sample question - Not sure why the mass is off

I'm modelling this part from a sample CSWP exam. I keep arriving at 1412.55 grams when the correct answer is 1416 grams. I've checked three or four times and cannot arrive at the error... Any ideas?

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Your 32mm dimension is not measuring from the center line of that taller post. See screenshot1.

Overall the model was done pretty well, but I would not suggest making the posts cored out as you did with features Boss1 and Boss2. Much better to leave them solid, then add one or two cut extrude features to "drill" them out.
Doing so makes it a lot easier to make that central portion of the model without accidentally filling the holes in.
Your Sketch3 is undefined because you had to "cheat" to get the feature not to block the holes. Later changes to the model can make this all fall apart.

Screenshot 2 shows a feature tree with the method described above.

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