CSWP Practice exam Segment I : Question 2

I got the correct answer for question 1. Mass 14207.34grams
But after updating parameters and equations given for question 2 that is
A = 225 mm
B = 210 mm
C = 176 mm
D = 137 mm
E = 39 mm
F = Hole Wizard Standard: Ansi Metric Counterbore
Type: Hex Bolt – ANSI B18.2.3.5M
Size: M8
Fit: Close
Through Hole Diameter: 15.00 mm
Counterbore Diameter: 30.00 mm
Counterbore Depth: 10.00 mm
End Condition: Through All
X = A/3
Y = B/3 + 10mm

I have updated my equations and checked the calculated Mass property, which looks different (16283.91 grams) than actual answer (16490.45 grams)

Can anybody please help me here?

1 Answer

well i suggest try to change material and you might get by the density of material