Curve Surface/Extrude along sketch

I'm currently working on modeling a corinthian capital and am now stuck on the acanthus leaves. I'm working on curving the top of the leaf. I can either curve the surface around the column or curve the top, but can't find a way to do both. I've just been sketching the surface, then doing a projected curve. I'll attach a few pictures.

Any help/tips would be appreciated to get the desired geometry. I'm relatively new to using surfacing, so thank you in advance!

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Hi Connor,
The best way to model an intricate surface like this is to model every single part of the leaf as a separate surface and to knit and thicken the surfaces in the end.
A quick and dirty method would be to make a base surface that has the correct flow (curving around the column and flaring out at the top), and then trim this surface with the outline of the leaf. Final step is to thicken to desired thickness.
Please see attached SW2014 file where I use a Boundary Surface and two sketches to create a simple base surface, that has the correct flow.
This should get you going :-)

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