Curved matrix.

Good morning, everyone,
I need to split an operation along a curve, I have tested with a matrix driven by curve and I can't make it, I need to be oriented as a solution. Working with Solidworks 2015.
Thank you all in advance and greetings.

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2 Answers

A curve based pattern works in 2017. I see you have 2015, but it should still work.

You'll need to modify the profiles of your loft (Recubrir4) to extend into the part instead of being exactly on the edge, but that is a good practice when dealing with features like loft, sweep, revolve.

You might consider creating a sketch, or curve before the Recubrir4 feature. It really depends on how you plan to space the features.
Having the curve defined first will allow for an easier pattern with evenly spaced features.

Defining the curve after Recubrir4 will lead to the need to manually type in a spacing value based on the remaining length of the curve.

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Thank you very much, I've already worked it out.

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