curves dissapear when used to create boundary surface in solidworks


I am trying to create a boundary surface using some 2d curves and a trimmed surface. The problem I have is after the surfaces have been created, the curves that I used to create the surface disappear. Ive tried checking the boundary surface options, and there doesn't appear to be an option to keep curves.

Ive also tried selecting the curves and doing a control copy and paste function, but the curves paste in the center of the work space, and not the original location of the curve.

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3 Answers

drop down boundary surface on design tree. right click parent sketch. show.

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I agree with what eanna suggests.

But after making the first boundary surface, I'd use the edge of the new surface instead of reusing the 2d sketch again. Either will work, but I've always had better luck with the surface edge path. It should also allow you to create the 2nd surface to be tangent or curvature continuous instead of simply following the sketch.

In some cases it will not matter. In other cases you could end up with a weird surface, or ripple that will be tough to track down later.

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This is standard Solidworks behavior, a so called feature (that nobody needs)! And the standard workaround is to create a 3d sketch after creating the curve, select the curve and use 'Create Entities' to make a copy of the curve in the 3d sketch. This sketch can be used in further modelling steps without being absorbed.

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