Custom Weldment Profiles and Cut List.... help?!?

I have a problem, which I'm sure has come up before. I'm using SW 2015, and use mostly, HSS, sheet metal etc. for manufacturing. So the need arises quite often, that I will need to create a custom weldment profile, save as library feature part, and model a frame etc. Only problem is, as soon as I edit the custom properties in the .sldlfp file to include a description, part no. etc. my cut list and BOM explode into a big mess. I've had the weights appear in the quantity column, the lengths never work, the descriptions won't appear most of the time, and I'm going crazy trying to figure this out. First I thought it may be a conflict between the actual part being derived from the profile, but I've eliminated it down to being a problem right in the custom profile itself. Has anyone ran into this? Please help if you can.

P.S. I've attached a .sldflp file if you need to have a look.


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Try doing following thing:

Open sldlfp file, copy what you need from "configuration specific" to "custom", delete all from "configuration specific", save it.

Then use some dummy part and model something, save it, open new drawing doc, use "weldment cutlist", and try to edit columns, and adjust what do you need to show there.

If you want to use BOM for cutlist items, you need to set BOM properties with equations

If you are trying to add some new profile to existing model, check that new profile has same properties as old ones.

If problem still exist, try to attach problematic model file with your table template, will look into it.

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