Cutout is not happening....

Hi every one, today when I tried to do cut out it was not happening instead of that extrusion was happening...
I don't know why it is not taking cut out?? can any one help me out in this???

Thanks in advance.

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7 Answers

is there a surface body on top of the solid body?
It looks like you might be making the cut, but then can't see it because of a surface face.

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Could you pls elaborate the problem with pics or atleast which software ? so that it will be useful to solve it.

I think you are talking about cutout command in CATIA sheetmetal is it?

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dhanasekar.. plz have a look on attached file...

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this doesn't look familiar kindly attach that catia file i will rectify it

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Look up a little higher in the tree at the Body containing this Pocket. Is there a little yellow '+' or '-' symbol in front of the Body?

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if you used two bodies to create this model then you first need to assemble them using boolean operation OR use the contextual menu to 'define work in object' (select this command) and proceed.

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Sometime it will happen in Catia. Internal error. Remove material instead of cuts. Create removing object in different part then remove it from your main model.

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