Cutting surface in Catia V5R20

I am trying to cut a surface from a sweep geometry in a block. I am getting the error

"A skin does not cut across one of the volume: the split cannot be computed"

I have attached the two images. Please advise how I can remove this error. I shall be grateful.


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4 Answers

It is not a continius surface. There is some interference inside surface. With interference you can not cut surface. You have to eliminate interference.

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Thank you but I do not understand. I have been following a tutorial. If you like to give me your email address, I can send the tutorial and my catpart file at your address and you can see what I have done. Since I am a beginner, I do not know how to check interference in Catia Part. It is not Catia Product.

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I could not upload in this discussion as I cannot find the option to upload the files. This option is available only when a question is posted initially, I think. I have reposted my question at the link:

I have added the model and the tutorial at the link. Tutorial 1-B starts at Page 28. I have sweeped the geometry as shown on Page 29 and after following further instructions, problem starts.

Thanks for guidance.

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