CV Axles Articulation angles

Hi all, I'm an mechanical student in Baja SAE.

I want to choose 2 pairs of CV axles for the front and rear of my car for next year.

I read for a certain CV, it has an outboard angle minimum of 40° and an inboard Dual Offset Joint maximum angle of 30°. What does that mean exactly? I'm thinking outboard min angle means I can set the outboard angle to be greater than 40 degrees at all times (not sure about the maximum) and the inboard angle to be less than 30 degrees

Am I on the right track on this?

Thank you all.

1 Answer

mmm, i think that the outboard angle is too big to be a minimum. If it is the case, the maximum outboard angle is 40 degrees, and it can be smaller. I don't remember in my Baja experience to seeing an outboard angle like this. And if in the case that i remembered it, the car was a complete mess (UTEP 2014 flashback's crossing my mind).


Never exceed the maximum angles for each sides in operation !

Design the movements of the CV joints alongside with the suspension pivots, incluiding the central sliding shaft.

Maintain your cv axles aligned as possible respect to the rear (or front) track. Only in two planes...

Avoid mechanical interferences (or discoupling) in rebound, bounce and normal ride height suspension movements. This could add parasyte forces applied against your drive train gearbox (depends of your design).

You should to post this question in the Baja or Formula SAE official forums too.

I hope this answer could be helpful to you.

Good luck!