Decal showing as a white area in rendering

I tried adding a decal to a black background in solidworks, in alpha mode. The format of it was png. I shows no problem in the drawing part mode but when I render the image, it comes as a plain white box on the black background. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you.
Capture 1: Part Mode
Capture 2: Integrated Preview (Good)
I have done renderings under best as well but to no avail.

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3 Answers

I'd re-save the decal as a transparent PNG. There is probably a better way to fix the issue, but making it transparent is fast and easy.

What happens if you make the speaker a color other than black? Maybe if the PNG you are using now is black and white, it gets confused when attached to a black model?

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I'd do some trial and error. Make a new part, a simple cube, and apply the label using all of the common default settings. Render it, and see what the results are.
If it is a setting you've changed in the render, then it should work correctly in the simple test.
Could you try inverting the color in your logo? Alpha typically implies a masking based on color (black and white). What if your masking is working in reverse?

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I had this happen to me last night with a PNG I was saving out of Photoshop. Every time I used it, there was a white background.
I tried to edit and re-save it in Photofiltre, but it still did not work.
I finally gave up and saved it out of Photoshop as a transparent Tiff. It worked fine.

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