Default at Community should be VIDEO not a rendering

When grabcad site visitor enters DoctorBioDiesel 'Community'
what did show up first was a Video of DoctorBioDiesel Interview
& Demonstration of a revolutionary BioDiesel TransEsterification Reactor.
I was testing when I selected a Rendering of the Reactor as 'default'.
So now, I want to go back to the video being the first thing a DoctorBioDiesel Community site visitor sees.
When I now click on the Video Button, the video is there, but I want it as
default, to show first. But the 'default' button does not recognize the video
as default, anymore :-(
How do I go back to VIDEO being 'default' or 'first position' ?

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1 Answer

Answer from Danny Boyd, GrabCad Tech Support:
Danny Boyd <>

May 5, 12:35pm
Hi Jeffery-

Thanks for the detailed follow up!

A. We will fix this, and I will follow up when we do, however I cannot say when that will be. I know they will be making some changes to the look and feel of the community soon, so maybe this will go away on its own

B. The thumbnails on the Overview will always correspond to the images in the project. If you want to remove the thumbnails you need to remove the image files from the "Files" tab.

C. Unfortunately the order of the thumbnails cannot be set at this time. If you want to change the order, you must delete and re-add them to the project one at a time in the order you want them to appear. This is a known issue which will be addressed by the upcoming changes.

Thanks for the suggestion! Hopefully our dev team will fix the issue before I get the chance to write that article ; )

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