Default Model Keeps On Re Appearing

The last model in Solid Works which I saved will not go away.It keeps on reappearing as a default model whenever i go for a new part I delete it but they always show up when you create a new part or assembly or drawing. Does anyone else get this? Solution Please...

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3 Answers

Go to Options -> Default Templates. You can set your default part(Part.prt) by browsing to the following folder.
C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 20xx\templates\

Where xx is the Solidworks Version. 2016 in my case.

Hope that helps.

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I guess you can repair this problem excluding this configuration by the windows register (Windows+R -> Regedit -> Solidworks) in this folder you must find this configuration that was saved and exclude.

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No need for registry edits to fix this.
And if the registry were needed, the EXACT address of the offending entry needs to be provided.

This happened because someone choose save as template instead of save as part.
Give what SolidTweaks suggested a try.
The problem is you most likely overwrote your default part template, so deleting it may lead to new errors about not being able to find the template.

Another fix is to start a new part. Delete all the features in it, then save it as the default part template again.

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