Delta Wing Aircraft ?

hey i need Delta wing with the rib structure and skin features. clarks -y airfoil or any flat bottom naca will be fine. I need help how to create a skin on after wing is completed and how to make air foils in the required sizes. root cord 550 mm and tip 300mm. please help me out. wing span 800 mm total . spars positions middle of the rib in T beam format. Please Help me with this 4 ribs both sides of the wings.Thanks waiting for your kind reply.Please reply back.

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2 Answers

This may help:
Model Aircraft Wing
Try a sheet metal loft for the skin

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Hi.. does anyone here have a simple scanned aircraft wing stl file which I can use for 3-D modeling.I am a student currently learning reverse engineering of aircraft wing. Any help would be really appreciated.

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