Design a 3d printable model that has a usage in community

I am applying for a job and I was asked to do this:

Develop a design in 3d that reflecta an innovative usage of 3D printing in our community (I live in Egypt :D), no restriction on your design"
1. Your submission should be exported in STL and STEP format and preferably include the native file-formats of the CAD-software.
2. Model parts should fit, be scaled to or be cut into sections of no greater than 12 x 12 x 11.5 cm.
3. The model has to be 3D printable.
Render(s): Include a final render of the model. You may optionally include up to five renders.
Explanation: Write up an explanation of how you modeled your design, explaining the software used to model and render your design.

Any help with ideas to design?

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