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Design a CNC Lathe

Question by Rudramuni S

I need detailed calculation steps and procedure to Design a CNC Lathe along with the CAD model as it is a part of my academics.
Will you help me please ?

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Answered on 6 Oct, 2014 01:41 PM

Basically you do not have to worry about the design and development of lathe from scratch.!!

As you well know, if you are studying in engineering and knows little about the working and the classification of lathe means you have everything to start with.

First thing you need is to decide the basic things, Like the size of turn and other spec's. Than start modelling the body and after the other parts.
To get in fully automatic(I mean the CNC type) you just need to study and the various sensors, Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, feed controller etc.

Collect the information maximum.

If you have any design or mechanism related trouble than feel free to ask me or any Grab-cad community members.

Hope i will upload the step to step method to create each parts of CNC lathe soon as possible.

Good luck.!!

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Hans de Ridder
Answered on 6 Oct, 2014 01:28 PM

I believe that the general idea behind an education is to gather knowledge by learning and practicing.
So the best thing to do is learn and practice...not to ask us to do your work!!
Earn your degree by playing fair.....otherwise it is worth NOTHING....
Anyway, I hope you will succeed in your quest for knowledge....

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Rudramuni S
Answered on 13 Oct, 2014 10:30 AM

I'm not asking spoon feeding work, just I want to know what are the procedure and calculation methods need to it.

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