Designing a sunglass on Inventor

I've few clay model of a sunglasses that I'm thinking to put it on Inventor. I'm thinking about sketching the dimension in paper of the clay mold and then import it on Inventor, draw on top of it. How effective this method is?
If it sound too amateur, how would you go design the curves around the frames and the lens. I don't have a formal engineering degree to get into complex geometry.

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Hi Raju what you are going to so with the sketches is the right thing to do.......... I am an IV user but I would sagest to use Alias over IV for something like that Alias is a design software... IV will do the job but I would say you will get far superior results with Alias...

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William, thanks.
One more thing, I'll be doing some 3d printing of my design. Then I'll be sending the file to a manufacturer who will mold the plastic necessary to make the model. Do you think the final product will come close to my design in terms of functionality and accuracy of the design, not the color? or do you think it is wise to send it to a engineer to get an opinion. I'm a one man show, so please pardon my ignorance.

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