Did you use 3D mause?

while I was surfing on the net I saw an interesting mause.it is used with the left hand. I like it. I think I will buy it:)) Are there anybody who use like this?

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Yes have done for the 8 or 10 years. Would not model with out one, I remember it taking a while to get into it, but recommend fully.

Read the white paper


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we already don't use left hand so it can speed up modelling. but as you said Mr. Stain, unfortunately, it doesn't cheap:/ So I can manage with my veteran mouse ...

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No, never did. A well chosen properly sized good quality wired mouse is all I need :)
Those mice do cost big $$$...

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Would not do without one. Once you get used to it, will save you countless time and efficiency. (My opinion). For $400 or so you can get the "Pro" but for $100 or so you can get the SpaceNavigator, which will do 90%+ of what you want which will be basically rotation and zoom.

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I'm very interested in buying one of these but not sure which one to go for. The SpaceMouse Pro and SpaceExplorer look like the same price. but can anybody tell me the basic differences between the two, and which one they would recommend?

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