Difficulties adding Solidworks assembly to GRABCAD


I'm new to GRABCAD, and right now, I'm trying to upload my two assemblies onto my profile. However, I'm having difficulties. When I upload the parts individually, GRABCAD recognizes they are there and all is fine. However, when I upload the assembly file with all the parts attached, the file isn't accessible and it just looks blank on my profile.

I've hunted around for questions similar to this and some answers include using "Pack and Go" or uploading the file as a WinRAR. Using WinRAR, I can upload the file, and others can download it with the assembly file and all the parts, but no one can view it on my profile. Regarding Pack and Go, here's the kicker, I made the 2 models when I was a student, and my Solidworks program expired soon after I graduated. I have the files, but technically no longer have access to Solidworks, so I can't tamper with them.

Anyway, I'd like to upload my Solidworks files so that myself and others can look at them, but I have no idea how to make them viewable. Anyone have any advice on this? Note that I can no longer access Solidworks since my license has expired.

Thanks in advance.

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Download KeyShot trial. Render Your assembly with KS. Upload couple of .jpg's to Your project and they will appear to Your Project page.

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Nice and deteiled model You have there Chris Ciampi. See attached render done with KeyShot 4.1 and one minute work. I think REX have lights also. I think they must be separate parts in order that KS recognize them. I tried to use material lights to Your rex but couldn't use it to those dome features I noticed in Your model.

You can delete those overlapping projects from Your Project page by clicking gear button.

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Oooh. I have stuck to this new user question now. Anyway — Wellcome to GC Chris and anyway2 when I was new here I got so much help that I feel it's my turn now. I try to employee myself and just now it's very very quit. Aaargh!

Still one workaround: You can get Autodesk Inventor trial free for, hmm was it 30 days (much similar to use as SW). I opened Your Rex.sdlasm with IV and all was fine, includind the history tree. I say this because You can make a great render with IV or with KS including head lights and so on. Add scenery and fog and it will be great and SCARY!!! render ;))

I'm not familiar of Rex game??? But I think monster must have lights also.

Hope this makes sense to You,

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