dimensioning in catia??

can I change dimension of my 3d model without going in sketch???

thanks in advance

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3 Answers

Yes. When you edit a feature (double-click on a Pad or Pocket), the sketch dimensions are shown. Just click on a dimension and change it.

But most users will open the sketch and edit the dimensions (constraints), because it is easier.

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You can use constraints to get the dimensioning. Here is a link on how to use constraints-http://catiatut.blogspot.in/2012/04/sketching-and-constraints.html

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You can set Parameter and Formula option in CATIA. By using this you can edit the sketch without going to sketch edit workbench.

Even this can be also used to control the value for the sketch Based Features. (i.e. Pad, Pocket, Shaft,..., etc.,)

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