i am sahil i am doing Mtech in mechanical engg. in design.
i am doing my thesis in designing of piston.
i will make a model of piston in solid works then analyze in ansys.
i am facing a problem i am not getting the dimensions of piston can you help me with this i will be very thankful if you can give me some dimensions of piston and tell me which model is that.
i have seen all pistons in library but i am not getting that which company piston is that.
please help me with the dimensions. so that i can submit my synopsis.

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As this is your project, part of your education, working towards being a useful engineering professional, taking the easy way and having someone on grabcad do most of the work for you is of no benefit. As, in itself re-inventing a piston from information obtained from others isn't of much value, the main point of the exercise is a test of your ability to research an engineered component, analysis its design and features, then produce a report on this. You have had suggested to you places to start. If you want to become a useful engineer and end up employable at the end, you have to do the work.

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