Dimesions of belt and gear please?

Dear all Cad memebers,

I would like to ask for help with bet and gear how to find out the dimesions of one teeth (depth, angel, iner radius of teeth, pitch atc.)
I know this information here + the attachement are information about gear
Could please somebody bulid in solidworks or provide me sketch (picture with dimesions) how it should look like

Synchroflex poly urethane 6T2,5/420
width 6mm; circumference 420mm
168 teeth; pitch 2,5mm
Distribution 2:1
cog wheel cam shaft 72 teeth
cog whel crank shaft 36 teeth

thank you so much


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2 Answers

Here's a couple screenshots I found. This should be enough info to do the modeling.

Stock Drive Products (company and website) is a great resource for all things belt/pulley/gear design related. Machinery's Handbook might have the information too.

Most timing belt and pulley teeth conform to standards, so any t2.5 belt should have the same tooth profile as any other, length, width, and tooth count being the variables as far as the teeth are concerned.

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Thank you so much for your answer!
I also found out this type of belt on the internet in the attachement.
I am just kind of struggling with gear how much is the depth of teeth? width? pitch the same? angel?
Can you provide me please thsi information I would like to bulid working belt with gear according the dimesions.

thank you
greeting you


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