Do a test in order to be a member in Grabcad

Propongo que para ser miembro en Grabcad sea necesario primero pasar una prueba sencilla de diseño en 3D y enviarla para su aprobación, de esta forma nos evitaremos personas indeseables en nuestra comunidad. / I propose for membership in Grabcad necessary to pass a simple test first 3D design and submit it for approval in this way we avoid unwanted people in our community.

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I don't think that will work. If you want to remove the members who don't upload, then a method used on discussion forums is used. After a certain period of inactivity, in this case, no questions, comments or uploads, the team removes "dead entries", that is, members who do not contribute at all. My rank (not that it does matter much to me, improved significantly with my activities, primarily being active in Q&A section, not so much with more uploads. People who contribute in any way are worthy members of the community. Uploaded files are not the only measuring tape.

Just my two cents.

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So if someone is new to the world of 3D and can't pass your test then you'd rather not have them here? There are some members who were just starting out when they came here. Who knows, maybe they used one of YOUR models to learn from and better their skills, and maybe now they are one of the people you wouldn't kick out.
This is very sketchy ground to tread on, and I'd have to agree with Robert about booting the deadbeats. I'm sure there is a way to "ping" the deadbeats about staying on the site.

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Agreed. Where do you draw the line? and who is unwanted? The whole point of the community is to share the collective knowledge of many, and those who know the least benefit the most. Myself being one of those who know the least am not going to draw a 3d anything from scratch at the moment. Im still working on finding my way around solid works and until I can commit the time / money to going and taking a class this is where I can learn. A deadbeat is one thing... at the very least one can contribute a thank you when they come across something helpful or insightful. But dont punish someone for not knowing. There was a time when you didnt know either. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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The only "people" I think that should be, and in fact, are being removed, are the ones who are labeled as "spammers", and it's already working. Everyone else who is here with a positive attitude should have a chance to learn or share knowledge, in any form, method or way.

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And where should the ones who want to learn CAD go to? Do you realize that this is the best and mostly only site that offers this kind of knowledge for free.
I loved GC from day one, I wanted a model and I was directed here, I didn't even need to sign up to download, that is why this is the only site that I visit on daily basis.

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what is the definition of "unwanted people"?

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Some of these questions in the Q&A remind me of a time when I was younger and visited a R.C. club with the intent to join, the members of the club made me feel unwelcome and showed no interest in having me join or teaching me. I could not help but think that the club would not be around long if they did not welcome new members regardless of the skill level they have when joining. Sites like GrabCad and generally any club or business for that matter will always have those individuals that contribute at different levels. The weaker members will come and go and only benefit in minor ways where as those that stick around and contribute will gain the greater benefit along with the club. So don’t deter people from joining if you would like to see GrabCad grow and survive. (the R.C. club no longer exists)

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The ability to post a comment is probably the best form of regulation at GrabCad.

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We may disagree or agree with Damián idea but I think that's a good thing. Sharing ideas, discussions or arguing are always good signs of healthy community involvement.

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I find the GrabCAD community to be the best resource available, but it concerns me that every month or so, we are again discussing that some sort of rite or ritual is needed (or not) to segregate into those that belong and those that don't. For some reason I find this disconcerting.

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