Do all models on grabcad have no textures?

Any model, I downloaded, have no textures. I guess CAD models don't support textures at all, right?

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Depends what files you will download...
IGES are ok
choose only files saved in the software you work with
and last option: activate realview in solidworks and a new world will be reviled to you :)

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If you export a model in some universal format, such as STEP, STL, etc., it will most likely not have texture, for compatibility purpose.

If you open files on a specific software that allow textures, there might be textures available, if the author have set it up properly. An example is this CAD model of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Reference Design Solidworks CAD Raspberry-Pi Raspberrypi Rpi, which have textures if opened in Solidworls Format. Opened on STEP, STL or Parasolid, there is no texture.

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