Do we have standard nut bolts, pillar, bush etc. in creo -2? If not can we load it from some external source?

i am a mould designer , i use pro-e b4 but i left using proe bcos in other software i have lots of standard parts in that.
which make us feel very fast working while placing those parts.,

like we want to join 2 plates "so in other software i m using this feature" that if i put some std size of bolt to join 2 plates software will automatically put free hole in 1 plate and make thread in other plate as per selected bolt size. even software automatically detect that what size i need to place here. Ex.. if i have 2 plates of 50 + 50 = 100 mm thick then the software i am using will automatically calculate that i need to put 80 mm bolt . and it will automatically place 80 mm bolt for this.
so the same feature i want to use in pro-e

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