Do we need to publish geometry every time while using assembly design in CATIA V5?

It's not allowing to make constraints and it just says that - "Geometry Not Published".
Please suggest any way to publish geometry automatically.

4 Answers

There is an options for this problem. Check below picture and make sure that "Use any geometry" box is active. If the options is locked, you must run catia as an admin or you must call for help.

Below link for Catia admin mode.

No its not mandatory to publish geometry every time in assembly design. For make constraints geometry you can simply select product from specification tree and than apply existing component from insert menu than constrain it with update. Publish command help to reflect same operation to number of part model where as u can apply operation individually to open in new window from right click on the particular part.

What is the use of publishing files on catia

When you publish elements, they become more user friendly (because of renaming capable). Easy to replace features and parts. and stronger links (hard to explain :) )