Do you want to get paid to contribute your Autodesk Inventor Models and Tutorials

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Also valid for AutoCAD?
Would be nice.................


A3NCAD: Would be nice... but not in the scope yet. Maybe one day.


Whilst I have no problem whatsoever with those who would like to be paid for their work - for models - there are myriad sites for that. As for tutorials, or help in general, again, there are so many community forums that are happy to help, not to mention Autodesk, Solidworks, et al. themselves.

Given that the GrabCad is a very 'open' buisness model, and your idea does have great merit, perhaps speak to Hardi about it??

Just a thought
All the best

Thanks for your thoughts James. Sorry to offend.

Hey James,
Thanks for you great follow up, and your encouragement.

Who is Hardi? I've seen a Hardi Meybaum and a Hardi Lepiksaar...

Who doesn't want to be paid? I certainly wouldn't mind getting some cash, but realistically I don't see this happening. Even if I don't get money for it I still put my models in this website. The fact that so many engineers/drafters (including myself) put there models in this website is what makes this such a great website.