Does any of you know a good resource for technical tests for mechanical engineers (design) and electrical engineers (design) ? Also from this time and not from 20 years a go :)

I need these tests to get a fast impression of my team or new team members when I don't have the time to do evaluations separately ....
SO i'm looking for examples of tests or maybe some tips and tricks to make some.

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The trouble with a generic hiring exam is that you'll get a generic employee. Put the time into creating an exam which covers the skills and knowledge expected to be part of the new hire, and you'll have better shot at an employee who meets expectations. Plus the employee will have a sense of what they will be doing day to day.

That said, you might try to skim some questions and answers from online quiz / flashcard sites (i.e.
Users submit questions to these sites to study for exams. I've used the site several times for a range of topics Some answers are wrong, but many times questions from actual licensing exams are posted.

Attached is a simple screening exam I've used at times.