Does anybody have some sketches, technical drawings or blueprints of a entire real engine ?

Im trying to recreate an entire car engine and after that i would like to make a simulation. For this to work perfectly, i would like to have some solid info like drawings from piston heads, conrod, shaft, bearings, housings, etc. Can someone help me ?
Thank you very much.

PS. I have search online but couldn't find something good.

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Check with the Manufacturer, as some provide blueprints, and in some cases are quite precise, Such as Advanced adapters for example.

Possibly check with a local Machinist, as they may also have these schematics readily available as a reference material to help support there own work.

Other than that, there remain to be some measurements that are classified alongside with Unobtanium, such examples would include the rough casting's that are left on the finished product, as there are inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, and leaves precision up to the modelers discretion, Google Sketchup's 3D warehouse can testify to this, as it seems finding a properly scaled Small block Chevy Engine is next to impossible.

For the most part, the aftermarket suppliers of Pistons, CNC heads, Valves and other similarly related components have readily available schematics, Blueprints and others in the like.
As to provide the installer knowledge of clearances , and issues in the like, Prior to purchase, And Should prove more than willing to provide the information upon request, as afterall you using there design in a product is in effect indirect advertisement. So don't be afraid to contact them and get them to cough up the goods, as this subject could prove vital in the developmental process of all technology.

Also to be noted, Most patents have some illustration to the detail of the specifics of a part, or component. And are available online, one such resource is Google“, simply find the patent number , punch it in, and give it a go.

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No such thing exhists. I have been searching for real engine blueprints for years Nothing! you can find model engines and cylindrical engines and jet engines but NO Car Engines.

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