Does anybody know the best settings to render an animation in Autodesk Inventor Studio? I'm coming up with a 2.9 Gig .avi file which seems to be too big for Windows to play.

I've created an animation in Inventor 2011. I've played around with settings and file types and have seen that the following criteria give me what I'm looking for:
* 75% AntiAliasing, Fully uncompressed avi file, at 25 frames per second.
I tried this for a 3 second clip as a test and it looked and played great.
The actual length of the video is 36 seconds though and the file is 2.9 gigs and won't play on my computer.

Any suggestions?

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Install the latest Xvid codec on your computer (, you should then have the option to render using the Xvid MP4 codec which should result in much smaller files and play fine on your computer.

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