Does anyone has experience with ISD HiCAD?

I have been working with HiCAD for over a year now, but i am still confronted with daily errors and bugs (graphic, input, output) in the software. I find the workflow inconsequent and even simple things as dimensioning 2D drawings can go wrong in HiCAD. Standard profiles are not dimensioned properly, and turn out to be e.g. 150x150,000000001 mm when measured (also when exported to stp!).

ISD has not come up with solutions as long as we don't pay thousands of Euro's for 'service', and i can't find any related information on google or youtube. It seems no one is working with HiCAD, but i know that is not true.

Can anyone relate to this, or help me out with the problems i encounter? I would very much appreciate any help or guidance.

Kind regards, Robin

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