Does anyone have a good Inventor tutorial for a beginner?

Inventor 2010 tutorials

4 Answers

Hi there.
Take a look at this guy on youtube:
His tutorial videos are very good to get you started. He uses the 2011 version for his tutorials but the same apply for 2012 and 2010 versions.
Another thing you can do is download models from grabcad members that use Inventor (like me or William) and see the history tree on the right and understand the steps we take when we create a part.
There are also a lot of tutorials in more advanced subjects on youtube.

Hi Eugene This is a great source for learning IV I would also agree with Manolis about downloading models and going through the tree browser it is a great way to learn any CAD software

and also what Joseph said just do a search in Google for Auto desk inventor tutorials and you will get so many.....
There is also so many very talented people on this web site that would be more than happy to help you in any way they can just ask them.....Also I would be more than happy my self to help you in any way I can with you starting out with IV if I know it that is :)))

this is awesome essential inventor tutorial from lynda company
i think that you may find it in torrent.

Google it... there are tons... AUTODESK has tons.... do some research