Does anyone have a recommendation on where to get a Solidworks file (.igs .stp .step .sldprt) done for an injection mold? I need this to apply for a patent.

Need a Solidworks file showing dimensions. This file will be used for an injection mold, that will be submitted towards getting a patent approved. I have access to autoCAD is that would work.

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Bryce, Can you clarify your end use? Typically Patent drawings don't require dimensions, in fact they are usually kind of general in nature to patent the idea or concept the the specifics. If they were to require that we would end up with patents on millions of similar items. You say you has access to AutoCAD is the mold or part to be molded already a 3D Model? if so you can export a .igs, .stp or .step from AutoCAD. if you need a model created I'm sure there may be a few people on this site who do side work also there are several sites for freelance designers where you could hire one to complete this project.

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