Does anyone have (or know were to get) valve/tube schematic symbol component PCB CAD?

I repair by trial and error tube guitar RF amps. many schematics are a cope of a copy 50 times over.I would like to re dray them. but I need socket layout in CAD. I am using DesignSpark PCB.

2 Answers

Usually the socket layout data is in the manufacturers data sheet just like most electronic components. Google for the tube part number + datasheet. This document should show the footprint or at least tell you which socket is used for that tube. If you then search for the socket type/style footprint + datasheet it should get you a dimensioned footprint for your PCB. You'll most likely have to create a new footprint in your schematic capture software.

You'll need to create the part in DesignSpark PCB.

See here -->

That might help.