Does anyone have specs for the design of threads on a plastic container?

I am designing a plastic container, that needs to seal when closed.
This design would need threads like on a standard pill bottle.
I cannot find specifications to design these threads anywhere on the web. I have exhausted my searching abilities at this point.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

4 Answers

A lot of container threads like pill bottles are not industry standardized. Many of these bottles have proprietary threads and caps. I work in the plastic container industry. One "standard" bottle we make has 9 different thread patterns and 15 different volumes for the "same" bottle. It depends which customer we a making for.

This is another option I am looking into for this particular container. A snap on lid. I found this online, however they dont give dimensions. I will repost this under a different topic, however if anyone in here has data on the closure dimensions and the bottle snap feature dimensions, that would be great.