Does anyone know a good CAD configurator for web purposes?

I need a CAD configurator wich anyone can use on the web. It can be based on any CAD program but I prefer Inventor. I have already seen Inventor ETO/Tacton Works and KBMax but they are all very expensive and very widespread. (you can realy do EVRYTHING with those)

The only thing I want is that it must use a standard CAD file (made in Inventor OR another program for example) and that anyone can change the part they see and if it`s ok it must create an STEP/IGS file. They must see the part in 3D in a web browser.

Note: I prefer Inventor but any other CAD package is also ok.

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SolidWorks standard comes with DriveWorks express. Then there are two additional DriveWorks upgrades with the highest level being for web deployment.
I know this isnt the answer you are looking for but this is what I have found when looking for the same. There isnt a freeware package out there for what you are looking for. Maybe you could hire a good programmer to interface your cad system with the web via API or the sort.
Good luck

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