Does anyone know about a real teaching video tutorial on Catia's Imagine and Shape workbench?

Catia's Imagine and Shape Workbench seemed amazingly fast for fast concept models. I watched several vids on youtube, however they are very fast and far from teaching. On the other hand, they are extremely inspiring and give you an idea of the use of workbench. But you can't catch cursor most of the time.
So if anyone could ever help me about a tutorial on this workbench, it would be great.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Selcuk,

If you want to know about video tutorials on catia's workbench, Then go through it: This is the youtube link of Video-Tutorials.Net
which is the best videotutorials in canada, I also was learning from this institution about this topics.
Hope this information will be helpful!

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There is a set of tutorials but I can not point you to it directly, search for "Catia tutorial" and "Solid Squad" , you might find it on private torrent trackers...

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Check this tutorial for Modo 501. I think you can get good ideas from it :)

It's not CAD application, but with a little experimenting in CATIA you can understand what you need to do in CATIA to get same result as in Modo 501 :)

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I understood that It Workbench 'Imagine & Shape' work correctly only with CATIA 21 because CATIA 21 has a special 'Palette Tools' for merging vertices and easy job with edges and vertices !
It is important !
For example look at 1:42min it Tutor video:

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