Does anyone use Onshape professionally?

I was just wondering if there are some alternatives to using Solidworks that are cloud based.

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This may or may not be any help BUT here is a discussion on the solidworks forum in regards to cloud based solutions:

It talks about alternative options and the experiences each user has had.
It also talks down on Cloud based CAD, but opinions aside I feel like the discussion may be of benefit to yourself.

Additional link to more discussion:

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Autodesk Fusion 360. You can smoothly move from SolidWorks to AutoDesk Fusion.

It is cloud based and 3 years free for students and 1 year for new businesses. It has limited options in some areas but you can almost get things done with it that you usually do in SolidWorks. I hope that was what you were looking for. ;)

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You can see a list of their customers reviewing the system on this software review site:

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Onshape vs Fusion 360??? What free online cad program do you like? I'm on a it's tough finding compatible cad software. I'm retired.....I'm just re-drawing some old drawings and working on small designs.

Free = no 30 trials.


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