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Does anyone want free mold tool design? Or injection moulding DFM

By Eugene Voltage on 11 Feb 12:28 3 answers 266 views 2 comments


I work in the injection molding industry and have recently moved into a tool design job where I now rely heavily on CAD. As a learning exercise I would like to offer free help to anyone.

Perhaps you have a plastic part, and you want to know if it can be molded, or what changes would need to be made. I could potentially model parts of the tool for you.

Of course I can't make any promises regarding time etc. I mainly wanted to see what responses I would get.

Thanks, EV

3 answers

  • Maaz Sayyed
    Maaz Sayyed 6 months ago

    can you make the mold for these parts


    lipbase.SLDPRT, 133 KB
    top.SLDPRT, 197 KB
  • Rajkumar  Rajasekar
    Rajkumar Rajasekar 2 months ago

    i am also mold tool designer pls help me for runnerless and threeplate mold construction

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