Does it have any use file transfer among Catia and SolidWorks?

Considering that a file transfered to 3D Composer environment, can it be edited and published back among Catia and SolidWorks.

"You first publish from Catia, then open the published file in Solidworks, edit it and publish back again." Is something like that possible?

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Hi Robert,
I remember your answer, I know about it.
I guess you misunderstood my question! It is all about 3D composer.
Definition of my question could clearer!

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You meant 3D VIA Composer? Sorry. Did get an install copy, but never installed it. Can't tell. I'm sure google can provide at least some sort of answer.

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I already gave an answer to that question. Catia and SW are not compatible in file formats because the kernels are completely different. Transmagic is one of the programs. FormatWorks the better solution

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